Records Cartons

Legal/letter size storage cartons (1.2 cubic feet) are available to purchase through Ace Data Storage.

Security and Confidentiality

Access to your files is limited to our records center staff. We prohibit unauthorized access to your records with strict client identification procedures. Retrieval requests by your company are identified by an authorized list with assigned control numbers. All employees at Ace Data Storage are required to have a signed confidentiality agreement in their personnel file.

Hard Copy Storage

Records are placed on specially designed high-density racks employing a full 24’ of the 30’ overall height of the facility. Each carton is bar coded, indexed and assigned a location by the computer for accurate retrieval, refiling and tracking.

Climate Controlled Storage

Ace Data Storage’s facility offers climate-controlled storage for microfilm, magnetic media, x-rays, and other items requiring temperature sensitive control.

Computerized Management System

The software used by Ace Data Storage provides a computerized inventory, reporting, tracking and billing system. This program utilizes technology ensuring accurate inventory and tracking capability; which allows the customer access to inventory and management reports necessary to manage records effectively. Standard activity reports include: listing by cost center, carton identification number, contents description, alphanumeric field ranges, date file ranges, file number, terminal digit file sort, file description, and destruction review dates. Reports can also be generated to an Excel Spread Sheet and then forwarded to the customer via e-mail or disc. Cost center allocation by department or division is provided with a detailed and itemized monthly invoice.

Phone Reference, Copy Service, Mail Service, and Fax Service

Our staff provides a full-service records management program. We can reference information to a requesting office by phone, copy, mail or fax.

Business Storage and Forms Management

Cost efficient forms and supplies storage is provided. On hand inventory printouts and controlled access provide inventory levels management and shrinkage protection. Direct desktop delivery is available on a same-day request basis.

Client Conference Room

Ace Data Storage offers an on-site client conference room. This room can be used for audits and the reviewing of cartons at our facility.

Management of your Records

Records – whether paper or in other forms – are one of the most important aspects of a business. Yet storing records can become an extremely expensive proposition, and a source of internal office housekeeping and personnel problems.

The cost of Records Storage 

When considering the storage of your records, the space and cost per square foot is what first comes to mind. But there are other considerations as well. How many man-hours are required to maintain your filing system? And what about the capital expenditure for filing equipment? When calculating these factors, the storing of records can become costly.

The System

Your records can be packed – by your personnel or by Ace Data Storage – in boxes specifically designed to hold those records – whether they are file cards, legal sized papers, or anything in between. Then we will remove your records to our specially constructed facility where they will be logged in, inventoried by computer, and placed on steel shelving.

When you need a record or file, a call to Ace Data Storage gets that material on its way through our daily delivery service or Ace Data Storage’s personnel can either read you the information over the phone or photocopy it and deliver it via fax.

Complete List of Services

  • Hard Copy Storage – Climate/Non-Climate Controlled
  • Media Storage – Climate Controlled
  • Microfilm Storage – Climate Controlled
  • Business Forms and Storage Management
  • Computer Indexing and Management Reports
  • Bar Coded Tracking System
  • Reports Sent to Customer Via E-Mail
  • Retrieval Service – Carton or Document
  • Refiling Service – Carton or Document
  • Interfiling Service
  • Packing and File Conversion Service
  • Daily Pickup/Delivery Service
  • Two-Hour Rush Delivery
  • Emergency Twenty-Four Hours Access
  • Carton Indexing
  • File Indexing
  • Phone Reference
  • Requests Taken Via E-mail
  • Requests Taken Via Fax
  • Fax Service
  • One-Hour Fax Service
  • Mail Service
  • Copy Service
  • Certified Records Destruction
  • Records Cartons Sales
  • Client Conference Room On-Site