How do I know my information is secure?

Ace Data Storage is a HIPAA Compliant service provider. NAID Certification verifies we meet all the requirements of a HIPAA Business Associate, including employee training, written procedures, access control, periodic risk assessments and data breach notification.

Is there a minimum number of boxes I must store?

No, Ace Data Storage can securely store one to thousands of boxes for you. Please Call the office for more information at 228-864-6223.
Will you come pick up my records for storage? Yes, we will pick up your boxes for storage. Each box will receive a barcode, processed and placed on a shelf for secure storage.

Do you sell file storage boxes?

Yes, we sell high-quality cardboard boxes individually or by the case. Please call the office to order yours at 228-864-6223.

Can I bring materials for shredding to your facility?

Individual/residential and residential shredding is welcome. Please Stop by our facility during business hours. Please avoid lunch hour as our shred machine is turned off at this time.

Business hours: Monday-Friday 8am -5pm Lunch hour: 12pm-1pm

Do I need to remove staples, paperclips or paper from binders for shredding?

No, the shred machines can shred through paper clips and any other type of stationery. This is a huge advantage compared to office shredders that also require maintenance.